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Mara and Ben
Mara and Ben met at college in 1999 Maine and married in 2002. The two moved to Florida after marrying. Mara is a pediatrician and Ben is a graphic designer. They have one child and plan to add another one soon.
My Comments: This is an example of what I would put with a picture that you would send to me for the site. I like my anonymity and don't want to compromise yours by posting too much information - so I won't post your last names, city, or children's names (Unless that is important to you.)

In an effort to eliminate spam and unwanted emails, I do not have a quick link to my mail. I refer to myself on this site as PurpleNepenthe. Add an 'at' sign and gmail to get my email address. I really would like to feature other couples out there! Maybe if I get enough, I'll slip in my own picture. :)

I'm not currently accepting any requests. My life has become too busy to make consistent posts. Please enjoy what has already been posted.
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