Alphabetical List of Couples

Alphabetical Order by Women's Last Names:
Abdulamjid, Iman and Bowie, David August 08
(Adams) Norton, Gwen and Norton, Peter April 09
Agyeman, Freema and Jamie November 09
Aikenhead, Dr. Iffie, and Aikenhead, Ben October 10
Alu, Nina and Pop, Iggy December 09
Amertil, Christine and Ling, Spencer October 09
Arne, Kira and Verica, Tom March 09
Assefa, Gelila, and Puck, Wolfgang April 11
Atkins, Essence and Mendez, Jaime October 09
Avant, Nicole and Sarandos, Ted January 11
Babilonia, Tai and Brenner, David September 09
Bailey, Pearl, and Bellson, Louis May 10
Bamford, Suzanne Kay and Bamford, Mark May 09
Beauvais-Nilon, Garcelle and Nilon, Mike September 09
Belafonte, Shari and Behrens, Sam December 08
Bent, Simone and Garity, Troy December 08
Berry, Halle and Aubry, Gabriel November 08
Bertie, Laykeshia, and Lind, Adam February 11
Betts, Lois and Betts,Roland August 09
Beye, Daniela, and Le Bihan, Samuel April 12
Bingham, Traci and Yarbrough, John February 09
Bohm, Almaz and Bohm, Karlheinz September 09
Bolton, Keisha, and Van Kleef, Wilco June 10
Bonet, Lisa and Mamoa, Jason November 09
Bonneventia, Sonia, and Booth, Matthew May 11
Brown, Julie and Schuermann, Martin April 09
Bryant, Joy and Pope, David July 09
Buck, Donette and Jon November 11
Carlston, Lydia and Carlston, Mats August 09
Cathcart, Patti and Andress, Tuck December 09
(Cathcart) Robbins, Laura and Robbins, Brian February 09
Chambers, Keisha and Justin May 10
Cleveland, Pat, and von Ravenstein, Paul September 10
Crouse, Claudette and Crouse, Henry June 09
Cunningham, Beverly, and Stevens, Shadoe November 10
Dash, Stacey, and Xuereb, Emmanuel February 10
de Blasio, Chirlane and Bill April 10
de Catalogne Bottrie, Alexandra, and de Bottrie, Olivier February 12
de Massy, Baroness Cecile, and Baron Christian March 12
Denalane, Joy and Herre, Max September 09
Dove, Rita and Viebahn, Fred October 09
Duke, Kenya, and Owen, Gary May 12
Dunham, Katherine, and Pratt, John June 11
Dunlap, Ericka and Kleinschmidt, Brian October 08
Dyasi, Vuyo, and Noyce, Phillip December 10
Ellertson, Tina and Ellertson, Brad August 08
Evans, Sharon, and Rogers, Rick November 11
Flessel-Colovic, Laura, and Colovic, Denis July 12
Frain, Marta Cunningham, and James August 10
Funk, Naima and Joshua June 12
Gaither, Dorothy, and Brecher, John October 09
Gasaway, Vita, and Tucker, Neely November 09
Goddard, Trisha, and Gianfrancesco, Peter June 10
Grant, Harriet, and Libby, Scooter February 11
Graves, Denyce, and Thomas, Vincent January 09
Graves, Denyce, and Montgomery, John January 09
Gray, Tamyra, and Watters, Sam March 09
Griffin, Elaine, and McGarry, Michael May 10
Guetta, Cathy and David March 12
Hammelsmith Ebert, Chaz, and Ebert, Roger August 08
Hansberry, Lorraine, and Nemiroff, Robert June 10
Hathaway, Sameerah and Noah April 12
Headley, Heather, and Musso, Brian November 08
Hightower, Grace, and De Niro, Robert February 09
Hirsi Ali, Ayaan, and Ferguson, Niall March 11
Hobson, Mellody, and Lucas, George March 11
Hooper, Charmaine, and Codd, Chuck May 09
Horne, Lena, and Hayton, Lennie July 10
Howard, Angela, and Stone, Matt January 11
Hurd, Michelle, and Dillahunt, Garret May 09
Jackson, Danette, and Jon Buck November 11
Jagger, Karis, and Watson, Jonathan July 12
Jean, Michaelle, and Lafond, Jean-Daniel February 10
Jeter, Mildred, and Loving, Richard February 10
Jones, Gloria, and Bolan, Marc August 12
Joyner, Pamela, and Giuffrida, Alfred November 09
Kenney, Kelley and Mark July 10
Kerssenberg, Sharlely, and Becker, Boris October 10
Khalil, Christel, and Hensley, Stephen January 10
Langhart Cohen, Janet, and Cohen, William April 09
Langhorne Folan, Karyn, and Folan, Kevin April 10
Leal, Sharon, and Land, Bev January 09
Lewis, Shirley, and Goss, Luke September 10
Love, Mia and Jason October 11
Madekwe, Ashley, and Goldberg, Iddo May 12
Marshall, Jennifer and Dennis April 10
McDonald, Audra, and Donovan, Peter October 10
McDonald, Audra, and Swenson, Will February 12
Mowry, Tamera, and Housley, Adam December 10
Mukupa, Karen, and Kirk, Nicolaj May 11
Mullen, Nicole, and Mullen, David March 09
Murray, Amy Renee, and Murray, J.J. July 09
Ndiaye, Marie, and Cendrey, Jean-Yves May 12
Neville, Arthel, and Hirano, Taku April 10
Newton, Thandie, and Parker, Oliver February 09
of Lichtenstein, Princess Angela, and of Lichtenstein, Prince Maximillian January 09
Olsson, Jessica, and Nowitzki, Dirk June 12
Okuma, Enuka, and Gasparin, Joe October 11
Onweagba, Oluchi, and Orlandi, Luca December 08
Parish, Diane, and Sebastian January 10
Parks, Suzan-Lori, and Oscher, Paul September 08
Parsons, Karyn, and Rockwell, Alexandre September 10
Patton, Paula, and Thicke, Robin September 08
Phillips, Debra, and Phillips, Stone August 09
Pointer, Ruth, and Sayles, Michael March 10
Pulvar, Audrey, and Montebourg, Arnaud December 12
Radnich, Alicia, and Radnich, Gary May 09
Rantseli-Elsdon, Gerry, and Elsdon, Kerry September 09
Rice, Susan, and Cameron, Ian July 09
Riperton, Minnie, and Rudolph, Richard December 10
Rudolph, Maya, and Anderson, Paul Thomas December 10
Saldana, Zoe, and Britton, Keith July 10
Sargent, Danyelle, and Musselman, Eric August 10
Saum, Sherri, and de los Reyes, Kamar January 10
Schenk, Dawn Maria, and Schenk, Christian July 09
Sergei, Tanya, and Sergei, Ivan January 09
Seymour, Shayna, and Carr, Stephen January 11
Sharp, Keesha, and Sharp, Brian November 08
Simmons, Helen, and Collen, Phil July 10
(Slayton) Wall, Crystal, and Wall, Paul March 09
Smith, Zadie, and Laird, Nick October 10
Sosa, Arlenis, and McGrath, Donnie March 12
Sohn, Sonja, and Plack, Adam March 10
(Steward) Simbeck, Stephanie, and Simbeck, Florian June 09
Stewart, Alison, and Wolff, Bill October 08
Stokes, Lori, and Thompson, Brian December 09
Stone Perlman, Opal, and Perlman, Ron October 08
Summer, Donna, and Sudano, Bruce November 08
Sylla, Karine, and Perez, Vincent February 12
Thomason, Marsha, and Sykes, Craig June 09
Tucker, Brandee, and Steger, Michael August 09
Turner, Tina, and Bach, Erwin November 09
Tyler, Aisha, and Feitjens, Jeff September 08
Uggams, Leslie, and Pratt, Grahame March 09
Von Habsburg, Countess Mary, and Von Habsburg, Count Ferdinand April 09
Walker, Charlotte, and Hedlund, Sven April 11
Watson, Maiko, and Shand, Remi May 10
Wayans, Kim, and Knotts, Kevin December 08
Wesley, Rutina, and Fishel, Jacob February 10
White, Sheena, and Lynch, Shane May 09
Wilson, Debra, and Skelton, Cliff June 09
Wilson, Tara, and Noth, Chris September10
Wineberg, Mary, and Wineberg, Christian November 08
Woodard, Alfre, and Spencer, Roderick October 08