When I was pregnant I found I was suddenly a part of a club I'd known nothing about. Beyond the perks of having doors opened for me, seats vacated for me, and time slowed down for me, I felt a special bond with complete strangers - simply because they were pregnant like me. That back pain was shared with someone else. The emotional rollercoaster was shared with someone else. The end result was shared with someone else.

It doesn't seem to matter what it is, a love for chocolate, a soccer team, a favorite pair of shoes... there's a certain feeling you get when someone does the same thing as you.

This is why I'm sharing this blog.

I was happy to collect this information because that's the kind of person I am, but why not share? But sharing with the world comes with a price. What will this blog cost me?

I have to give up a little of my control. I may ask what some of you want to see. At the same time, I may need help from you. Trying to decide how to handle my content is a constant struggle for me.

I have to give up any attempt to defend myself or my actions. I did not start this blog to start arguments about my opinion. That is why it's my opinion. Still it's difficult.

People like to say things under the protection of anonymity, such as I do by not using my real name. Because I started this blog to share something that makes me happy, I have to give up on those who would make this an unhappy place for me.

So it boils down to what I put in my WHY? section in the sidebar of my blog. It makes me happy. It's my blog. It's my opinion. If you aren't content to be here, visit here, post here, then don't. It's that simple.

For those who come and enjoy... maybe you get that feeling when you see Just Like Me Couples. Welcome and thank you!