Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tia and Joshua

Tia and Joshua married in April of 2011. She is an international tax
specialist while he is a consultant and writer. The two are enjoying
life as a couple in the Virginia/DC area having met in Louisiana.

Tia's blog
Joshua's blog

My Comments: Tia and Joshua have some other good news to share. Perhaps they will post and let you know :o)


Mrs. Glam said...

Thanks for posting me and hubby :) I love this site and look forward to your weekly updates!

Anonymous said...

Do you have this couple? Motshegetsi "Motsi" Mabuse and Timo Kulczak are top level ballroom dancers, she's south african and he's german. She has been in the german version of "Dancing with the stars" and is now a judge in "Das supertalent"(Germany's got talent).

PurpleNepenthe said...

Tia, you're welcome & congrats :)

@anon, I didn't have them. Thanks for the tip!