Sunday, December 11, 2011

Leslie and Drew

Drew and Leslie met in Chicago where Leslie was the manager of the restaurant where Drew also worked. After several months of being "just friends," Drew finally got smart and they started dating.  Three years later they wed in Jamaica surrounded by family and friends.  They traveled back Jamaica in late November of 2011 to celebrate their 10th anniversary, also surrounded by family and friends.  They recently moved back to the USA after a 2 year stay in South America to settle in the Philadelphia area.  They have two dogs and love to travel and are lucky enough to work together from home enjoying each others company 24/7!


Drew MacFadyen said...

Leslie, I love you more and more every day and thank my lucky stars that we found one another.


Anonymous said...

You guys were meant for each other. I love you both.

jamdown said...

Nice story!

ree said...

Interracial couples are a reminder of what the human race should be like.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you two are perfect for one another and I am happy to have both of you in my life.

Other Mom

Anonymous said...

.Sweet Couple