Sunday, September 21, 2008

Aisha Tyler and Jeff Feitjens

Jeff Feitjens and Aisha Tyler
Aisha N. Tyler and Jeff Feitjens married in 1992. Aisha is an actress and comedian, and Jeff is an attorney.

I got this from Black Voices:
Aisha Tyler and husband Jeff Tietjens met at Dartmouth College and moved to California where Tyler began her acting career. The comedian said that Oakland was tough for the couple at times.

"It was exhausting because we could not walk down the street without brothers yelling and catcalling lame, tired old lines like, 'Once you go black, you never go back!' or asking 'Why are you with that white boy?'" Tyler has said

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Aisha's Wiki
My Comments: It is rare that we hear the point of view of famous couples Just Like Me. Finding this quote was a treat. Also rare was being able to find a picture of her with her hubby. Of the thousands of beautiful pictures she was often with other actors or alone. Again, I believe it's a privacy issue.


Anonymous said...

Yes, and I'm sure she gets no comments or straes from white people. It's just so much easier to comment and complain about blacks when your husband is white. Can't offend him now can you?

PurpleNepenthe said...

I really don't think your comment is fair. I have never received comments from a white person when I was with my DH. I have once received comments from two black males when I was with my DH ("Sell out" several times.) I have received stares from both races. I have commented on these situations to my husband no matter what the race of the offender.

I didn't start this blog for negative comments about people's experiences. And that was just what she mentioned - her experiences.

If you are feeling maligned by black women who date or marry white men, then your comments would be much more appreciated in the forums where this is a hot topic of debate. Unfortunately for you, this blog is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

Awesome rebuttal, just completely shut em down..I'm a dude(black), but i'm still going to say "you go girl!" :)

PurpleNepenthe said...

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love Aisha. Wish there were more pictures of her and hubby together!

Anonymous said...

Am a african american female and my husband is white.I would love the see many more off thoes couples around it is 2011 we have the right to date who every we want and not be ashame of it. the percentage of african american female that are single these days is stagering. ladies be open minded and you'ed be suprise that the one you've been looking for has been there all along and just because his skin color is differnt you did'nt want to take that chance because your afraid of what people will say. they're going to say something anyway regardless who he is.

Anonymous said...

LOVE it, black men are ALWAYS dating out of their race, esp. when they make $$$ (atheletes, rappers, etc.), i am glad that black women are starting to just go with it and date non-black men, granted many still will not, and that's their choice, but kudos to the ones that choose to take this path. More black women/non-black men in 2012!!

GJevon said...

As a black man I have to say something and that is I don't give a damn if Blk Women date white or Blk men date White, the problem I have is as a black man that is attracted to women period I feel like I will be attacked by black women for even looking at a white woman and the fact that I am still attracted to black that they will shut me out for dating a white woman. I am just sick of all the BS on both sides from Black Men & Women period. I want to escape where I am just seen as a man that's all I just want to be a natural human and like women because they are cute and attractive. It crap like the anonymous post dated March 7, 2012 11:53 AM it's idiocy like that, that upsets me.