Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nyima and Joshua Funk

Nyima Funk, born Nyima Anise Woods, is married to Joshua Funk. Nyima is an actress, comedian, and singer, while husband Joshua is an actor, improv coach, director, and singer/guitarist. The two have one daughter, Ziza Marie.

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My Comments: Thank you Ebony! Please check out the links to FB and Twitter for pictures of the three of them.


Anonymous said...

Although i'm not in a interracial relationship, I'm really glad to have run into your blog! Yesterday, I read a thread that was so derogatory and filled with propaganda as to why other races aren't attracted to Black women. It was so disturbing to me especially since there is a plethora of Black non-mixed women that are married to or dating non-Black men.

Nothing fights ignorance like the truth....thanks for spreading the truth!

Anonymous said...

Here's a photo of them

Ebony said...

You are welcome!! (I'm super late lol) Still working on taking some good pics with the Mr so we can add to the site. =) Should be happening soon.

Nolan said...

Very talented couple. Loved them on Wild 'N Out. Still mad at Nick Cannon for almost replacing her because she "looked to old" but very nice to see these two happy together