Sunday, May 8, 2011

Matthew Booth and Sonia Bonneventia

Photo from The Sun
Sonia Bonneventia (Pule), a former supermodel and Miss South Africa first princess, is married to Matthew Booth, a South African footballer. Sonia also has a business degree and owns Booth Sports and Bonneventia S. They have two boys, Nathan Katlego and Noah Neo.

Matthew's Wiki
Sonia's Facebook

Sonia's Blog

Article from a blog
Wedding photos

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This quote, "She has the beauty AND the brains - I'm not quite sure what she sees in me!" is cute!


Anonymous said...

She has such a beautiful smile!

Logan said...

How does one differentiate between a model and a super-model?

PurpleNepenthe said...

@ Logan, I just posted information on what I read and the articles I found referred to her as a supermodel. I think you'll have to search google for your answer.