Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gelila Assefa and Wolfgang Puck

Gelila Assefa married Wolfgang Johannes Puck, born Wolfgang Johannes Topfschnig in July of 2007. Ethioian born Gelila is a fashion designer while Austrian born Wolfgang is a celebrity chef and restaurant owner. They have two boys, Oliver and Alexander. Wolfgang has two sons from a previous marriage.

My Comments: Researching for this entry was interesting. First, Wikipedia does not mention any of Wolfgang's wives, much less Gelila. Second, the IMDb entry incorrectly lists one child for the couple. Third, there are numerous articles and comments out there maligning the relationship due to the way they met. According to many, Wolfgang started an intimate relationship with Gelila while still married to his second wife.

Just a reminder, the focus of my blog is to post couples, not to judge their life choices. That I leave up to you.

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