Sunday, October 24, 2010

Boris Becker and Sharlely Kerssenberg

Boris Franz Becker and Sharlely Kerssenberg married in June of 2009 in Switzerland. Boris is a former World Championship tennis player. He retired in 1999. Sharlely, known as Lilly, is a Dutch model. The two have a son, Amadeus Benedict Edley Luis. Boris has three other children from former relationships, one being actress and designer Barbara Feltus.

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Anonymous said...

I wish her good luck because her man is a douchebag.

PurpleNepenthe said...

I have heard that he's not such a nice guy. Maybe he's changed.

Miss Glamtastic said...

Hey-just a little note: he has two children by Barbara Feltus, and one with Angela Ermakova. Both ladies have African heritage adn are very beautiful (much like his current wife.) Angela's daughter was conceived during Boris' marriage to Barbara.

All that aside, this is a cute picture, and I wish them the best :)