Sunday, September 26, 2010

Engaged: Tara Wilson and Chris Noth

Tara Lynn Wilson and Christopher David Noth got engaged in 2009. They are both actors and have a son, Orion Christopher Noth.

Tara's IMDb
Tara's Wiki
Chris' IMDb
Chris' Wiki

My Comments: I have seen articles that mention Chris and Tara's desire for privacy. Tara's Wiki is very thin and I can find no real news articles that confirm her ethnicity. Rumor has it that she is Asian and black. If anyone finds confirmation, please send it in :)


ValeriesWorld said...

They are a nice couple.

Anonymous said...

There is a biracial race car driver named Darrel Wallace Jr. He is featured on the BET reality show "Changing Lanes." His father is white and his mother is black. Darrel drives for Revolution Racing. A pic of his parents:

PurpleNepenthe said...

Thanks Anon!