Sunday, March 28, 2010

TV: Rose Henderson and Bernard Nadler

Rose Henderson (played by Laverne Scott Caldwell) and Bernard Nadler (played by Sam Anderson) married after dating for five months, despite Rose's recurring fatal cancer. Bernard, in an attempt to save Rose's life using a faith healer, takes the two of them to Australia for their honeymoon. The faith healer fails, but Rose tells Bernard that she is well and the two take the trip home only to have the airplane split in midair. Bernard, who left his seat to go to the restroom, is separated from his wife and the two crash on separate parts of an island.

There are SPOILERS in this post about the last season of Lost. If you are not currently watching this season, read no further.

This all happens in the first season of the ABC drama Lost. The two of them reunite in the second season, and in seasons five & six (final season) they are shown separating themselves from the rest of the drama by finding a cabin and living alone, happy with each other on the island.