Sunday, November 29, 2009

Engaged: Freema Agyeman and ...

Freema Agyeman is a British actress of Ghanian and Iranian descent. She is currently dating Jamie, an estate agent, and has been since 2006. Freema has been very careful to keep her relationship with Jamie under wraps. You can read more about them at the link below.

Third entry down.
Freema's Wiki

My Comments: I'm trying to give a little info and not take away from her privacy at the same time by not putting her boyfriend's last name in this post. She looks so happy in her photos and an interview earlier this year says she is. I hope the "watch" on this couple turns into something more.
UPDATE: Wiki now lists Freema's beau as her fiance :)

I'm also giving a "shout out" to my anonymous tipster :)


XaiXai said...

Thanks for all that you do. I really enjoy your blog. How do I suggest IR married couples for blog postings. For example: Sharne Algotssen. She is a wonderful designer with several books and is co-owner of a store in Phila. I have many more that I'm curious about.
Thanks again,

PurpleNepenthe said...

Hey thanks! I'd love to get tips...
You can email me at my sign in @ gmail or you can post and tell me not to publish (that it's just an FYI).

Anonymous said...

Freema is a hottie... Pity she is taken!