Sunday, June 28, 2009

Florian and Stephanie Simbeck

Florian Simbeck and Stephanie Steward married in 2003 have two children, a girl named Emma and a son, Steward. Florian and Stephanie are both German actors. There are many beautiful pictures of the two, and several with their children.

Thank you, Florian for your response! I've changed the info to reflect your post.


Florian said...

Hi Tia! We are very delighted to read that our relationship is inspiring to you and others. Just a liitle info for you: Stephanie's maiden name is Steward (with a 'd'), and we're married since 2003. Stephnaie is also an actress in Germany, and her name is Stephanie Simbeck now. Our Children's names are Emma and Steward.
Thank you and best wishes
Florian and Stephanie

ree said...

Beautiful couple with adorable children.