Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gary and Alicia Radnich

Gary Radnich is a radio host for KNBR in San Francisco and a sports anchor for KRON television. Alicia Radnich is a former KRON producer. They have three children together Jolie, Isabella, and Spencer.

Here is some video of him with his wife on his show. And here is an old, but (I think) good article that features the couple.

Gary's Wiki

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Anonymous said...

What a blessing to see this man and his wife with there beautiful children..not like my grandaughters father! Kevin Mitchell mvp of 1989! Deadbeat Dad! I have suffered for years trying to take care of her, my daughter and I, who is Mateo Alou's wife of 22yrs even though they are separated! We all still remain friends & family! Wow.. what a low life and today is his birthday and he want even contact my beautiful grandaughter.. here in San Francisco! He has kids he want even feed! More less spend time with.. Gary & Alicia I applaud you! Great people and Great parents.. thanks for being decent! Don't worry about me! God is on my "SIDE" lots of blessings to you all I can be reached @ Pam.. oh and by the way.. I have 4 grandkids in college.. and I have a beautifuls kids.. a decent son in law Matty Alou and his daughter in college..4 yrs with very little help.. we don't ask for 4 from the family.. we do it with God and his blessings... keep those beautiful smiles.. priceless...:) Grandma Pam