Sunday, April 26, 2009

Peter Norton and Gwen Adams

Peter Norton married Gwen Adams in May of 2007. Peter is the software publisher who produced Norton Utilities and Gwen is a financier. Peter was formerly married to Eileen Harris, and they had two children together.

Peter's Wiki

There is an interesting article about their house on Martha's Vineyard that includes some personal details.

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Terrell Prude', Jr. said...

I'm a geek, too, and Peter Norton is one who I've looked up to for years for his programming acumen. His "Assembly Language" book is still one that I reference and what I originally learned on.

We geeks are, shall I say, "ruthlessly meritocratic". We typically do not care what race, religion, national origin, or otherwise that you are. If you're good, you're good, and if you're not, get out! It's usually that simple. Peter's and Gwen's marriage is just one more example of that. I have lost count of geeks who are dating or married to, for example, Indian women (there are many of them in the IT field, so we meet them often). Richard Stallman, geek of all geeks, very nearly married a South American woman several years back. And the list goes on.

So for all those who want to say "geekdom is just a white male's world", you clearly don't understand us at all. To us, your skin color or national origin is like hair or eye color. WE SIMPLY DO NOT CARE. Your behaviour is what matters. For romantic relationships, it also helps if you're in reasonably good physical condition, obviously, and (usually) of the opposite sex. :-)

Thank you for posting this picture of the Nortons on your blog.